Wings North

The Artist - Carol Lynn kirchner

I was born in Seattle Washington. My father, who was with the US military, government, transferred overseas when I was very young. Growing up in Europe made my world a very different place than I would have experienced in Seattle. My background therefore is from the European masters.

I draw, sculpt, paint in any medium and express my impressions of the subject from a very attached point of view. Drawing is the language that I use to tell my stories. Paintings use drawing, drawing needs the language of painting. My subjects inevitably are from nature.

John Herron College of Fine Arts, Indianapolis on a Ford Foundation Scholarship. Minneapolis College of Fine Arts, Minneapolis. Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts. Thesis done in paintings, drawing and sculpture.

University of Arizona, Tucson. Graduate Tuition Scholarship. Work study Contract. 60 unit Masterís Degree of Fine Arts. Thesis done in engravings and etchings.

I have been a professional exhibiting artist since my first year in college so it has been a long career. Owned my own art gallery in San Antonio Texas, taught painting, ceramics and printmaking. My work is in many collections. Some countries are China, Australia, Canada, and Russia. Some collections have a group of work others have just one piece. I think that the two which have the most pieces are The Gordon Guilky Collection of prints in Portland Oregon and the Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts in Ekaterinburg Russia.

Member: of Seattle Print Arts Seattle Los Angeles Printmaking Society

The International Mezzotint Society

The Boston Printmakers Society

I think that my work, what I am doing today is more important than honors and past achievements. I am constantly striving to learn more, do more and teach when I can so that the knowledge I have is sent on down the road. I was fortunate to have an inquisitive mind and to have had wonderful professors and friends who shared their knowledge. I found out the true value of schooling. It is not the degrees, the places that you show in, but the experience that had value. It is now just my artwork and life that have meaning.

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